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During class I learned "The importance of touch, slowing down, reading your baby. I really felt like I bonded with Jack, and learned a lot about how to listen to him. Marsha is a great listener. – Jessica

Preston and I looked forward to our Monday massage classes, and had fun doing our “homework” when he was in a quiet alert state. – Kelly

Marsha was welcoming and always happy to have us. My baby loves having her feet and legs massaged. – Laurel

I loved the pace and learning each body part separately.
The handouts were very helpful! – Spencer

Marsha was very open to whatever child was feeling on the particular day, and I liked that she had a doll available if baby was not ready for massage. I love massage and believe it is helpful for well body, mind and sprit. I am glad to share it with my child. – Jessica

It’s such a wonderful bonding experience and a great way to
remember the simple power of touch. – Nora

I learned all different techniques especially stomach techniques for pooping issues. I feel like I learned good, practical info and learned another invaluable way to connect with my baby. – Allie

“I just LOVED this! It’s the best thing I did! I can’t thank Marsha enough for this gift!” – Carrie